Yolanda Buenaventura is an Axolotl who is a minor and recurring character. She is the asexual ex-girlfriend of Todd Chavez.


Yolanda is a light pink axolotl with blue eyes with black pupils, blue lips, and six dark pink external gills sticking out from her head. She appears to have dark pink freckles on her nose and cheeks.

She wears a blue and white plaid button-down collared shirt, a purple striped sweater with white sleeves with the sleeves of the plaid shirt cuffed on the outside of the sweater, a white belt, and dark blue jeans. She carries a yellow ladies handbag with a metal clasp.


Yolanda Buenaventura is a light pink axolotl who works for the Better Business Bureau. She is officially introduced in Season 4 as an overseer for Todd's clown dentistry business and helps him make it less dangerous and offer corrections.  

Season 4

Yolanda had a cameo appearance in Hooray! Todd Episode!, where she was seen in the background of an asexual meetup. Her personality is direct and straightforward, but she keeps it polite, professional, and businesslike.  

In January of 2018, after knowing Todd for a while, she offers to hang out and grab a drink, revealing she is interested in him romantically. Todd tells her that he is asexual and she says the same, leaving with a smile on her face. 

Season 5

She returns in Season 5 and its revealed she comes from a sex-obsessed family. She is very reluctant to reveal to them she is asexual. She blurts out the truth and surprisingly her family doesn't mind because they still love her. However, she and Todd break up because they don’t have anything in common besides being asexual, but agree if they don’t find anyone by the time they’re hundred, then they’ll get back together.  


Yolanda describes herself as a "tough crowd," claiming that she met Paul Rudd at a cocktail party and did not find him charming. She was initially dismissive of Todd and seemed to greatly dislike his clown dentists.

Although a professional businesswoman who can act in a stoic and serious manner, she eventually grows to like Todd, despite their significantly different personalities.

However, she expresses concern for Todd's lack of motivation and drive. This results in their breakup at the end of Season 5.

The two agree if they don't find anyone else they will get back together when they are a hundred years old.



S4E03 Asexual meet up

Yolanda at the Asexual Meet-Up in "Hooray! Todd Episode!"

  • She makes a cameo when Todd attends his first Asexual Alliance meeting before she is actually introduced.