​Wayne ​is a writer for Buzzfeed and the ex-boyfriend of Diane Nguyen.  


Wane is an adult African-American male. He has short black hair and a beard and wears glasses. He wears Hipster style clothing a red and blue plaid button-down shirt, purple bow-tie, and black suspenders.

In 2007 his look is similar to his present day one. He wore a yellow and hot pink plaid shirt, dark green suspenders, and same purple bow tie and dark purple trousers. His hair was also more curly back then and he had black stubble on his face.


He is a writer for Buzzfeed and Diane's ex-boyfriend who she dated in the late 2000's. He is assigned to write an article on Mr. Peanutbutter which ends up being less than flattering. It turns out he actually finished the article a long time ago and was just trying to get close to Diane and just pretending to work on the article still.


Wayne can not see past the flaws of other people and he also believes people can not change at least fundamentally. Which is one of the reasons why Diane broke up with him in the first place.

In an attempt to wake Diane up from her situation he tells her she will never be happy in a "Zelda" town because she's a "Zoë" just like him.

Wayne sees himself as a better romantic partner choice than Mr. Peanutbutter because of this. He then tells her to contact him when she realizes that for herself. Diane gets irritated by this as she does not like having a label put on her.



  • His surname has not been revealed
  • Wayne, Roxy, and Diane seem to have met sometime before 2007