Veronica is a female anthropomorphic Avian and stylist at MBN and a recurring and minor character in Season 2.


Veronica is the stylist at MBN who is constantly crushed against doors and being run over as a result she almost goes bald and loses most of her feathers. She is hardly ever thanked for her work and largely ignored most of the time.

The only one who really seems to acknowledge her is Daniel Radcliffe. The two of them met briefly once before on an other project and Radcliffe remembers her doing his makeup and hair.



Veronica after loosing some of her feathers in "Let's Find Out"

Veronica is a female Avian seen wearing a teal button down collared dress shirt, grey pants, and purple lace-up loafers and a headset with a mouthpiece. She has grey, white, and brown feathers and a yellow beak. In Let's Find Out, she loses feathers due to being injured multiple times, and is left with bare spots on her head and body. In later episodes, all her feathers have grown back.


Veronica appears to be a cheerful and hard working woman albeit unlucky when it comes to being acknowledged or her frequent injuries. Little else is known of her as of Season 5.


  • Daniel Radcliffe is the only one who really acknowledges her despite having met her only once before and he even asks about her mother.