Tommy Nguyen is one of the verbally abusive brothers of Diane Nguyen, along with Artie, Gary, and Marty. He is also one of the sons of Ma Nguyen and Pa Nguyen.


Tommy is a middle-aged Vietnamese man and another one of Diane's brothers. He does not have any distinguishable characteristics unlike the rest of his brothers, making him considerably generic. Like the rest of his family, he still abuses and teases Diane. However, he does recognize her intelligence and admits they need her help with the funeral, although he is still condescending afterwards. This, by default, makes him the "nicest" out of Diane's brothers, although that is not saying much.


Tommy had spiky blue-black hair and the early signs of bags under his eyes and wrinkls. He wears a v-necked royal blue and gold sports jersey with a logo of a team in the middle, pants, and shoes.