The Judge is the 8th episode of Season 4 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. It premiered on September 8, 2017, along with the rest of Season 4.


Hollyhock starts dating an intern on BoJack's new show Felicity Huffman's Booty Academy: Los Angeles. Princess Carolyn meets Ralph's parents. Mr. Peanutbutter throws his political support behind Woodchuck.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with BoJack and Hollyhock driving to the set of Felicity Hoffman’s Show, which he is guest starring on. On the ride there, she talks about sending in a form, and if her mom wants to meet her, then she’ll meet her, and she worries about her not wanting to meet her and feeling the hot sting of rejection . She also says she’s really wanted to get out of the house lately because being cooped up has made her really fidgety lately, like she has little tiny bugs crawling on the inside of her skin.

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