The BoJack Horseman Show was a mockumentary style show starring BoJack Horseman. The show premiered in 2007, and was considered a huge flop. It lasted seven episodes.


This was BoJack Horseman's attempt at breaking free from the image of his Horsin' Around character to do an "adult" show. The end result was quite cringe-inducing and disastrous. The ratings got so bad that they were considering bringing in the then-hot pop star Sarah Lynn as a guest star in the episode "Hello, Old Friend". The BoJack Horseman Show was originally a grittier show titled The Life and Loves of Mitch McFadden and His Family and Friends. It was, in one night, turned into The BoJack Horseman Show due to the drive to make the show into something that will be different from all the others and be remembered.


  • BoJack refuses to discuss matters about The BoJack Horseman Show to this day.
  • In the episode Love And/Or Marriage, it's revealed that Todd's friend Emily knew BoJack only because of how ill-conceived The BoJack Horseman Show was, and how much she "loved" it for that reason.
  • Cuddlywhiskers spiraled into a deep depression after the show fell apart.

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