Stupid Piece of Sh*t is the 6th episode of Season 4 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman.

It premiered on September 8, 2017, along with the rest of Season 4


Surrounded by family, BoJack spirals into self-loathing. Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga Rabitowitz plan Courtney and Todd's sham wedding.



  • According to Bob-Waksberg, the episode was originally supposed to be told completely from Judah’s perspective. However, the writer’s room had a difficult time figuring out how this idea could sustain a whole episode and how Judah, who is almost always at Princess Carolyn’s side, could organically interact with the rest of the show’s characters. Bob-Waksberg realized that the most interesting brain to be in was BoJack's, and thus the episode centers around BoJack's inner thoughts.[1]
    • “We had kind of established before — well established at this point — that BoJack is not a guy you want to be or a head you want to live in. We thought that it would be cool to really kind of push that and kind of explore what is it like to be living with that self-abuse all the time. How does that feel? And just kind of hear for an audience of no one, just himself, how hard he is on himself. How difficult it is to shut that voice out felt really interesting,” he said. “Allison did a really great job with that.”
  • Beatrice sings something similar to “Beautiful Gals of 44’”, the song playing in the background in the first flashback to her childhood in The Old Sugarman Place, while making eggs for her baby doll, singing “Beautiful eggs of ‘44, for my baby want some more”,