"Stop the Presses" is the seventh episode of Season 3 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. Season 3 premiered on July 22, 2016.


Todd builds a giant papier-mâché Todd head. A customer service rep gives BoJack some sound advice when he tries to cancel his newspaper subscription.


Bojack wakes up by the pool with a paper mache of Todd's head on his face. He takes it off and walks through the house where everyone is busy setting up for Todd and Emily's new company. He goes out front and almost trips over a newspaper. This angers him so he calls the newspaper to complain. They transfer him to someone called The Closer. Bojack tells her that he never subscribed to the LA Gazette. He says it wasn't a problem until Todd started making his paper mache head. He's been working on it for the last six months. He made it because someone has been stealing their food and hopes that the head would scare whoever it was away. Unfortunately, Todd abandoned the project after he started working on Cabracadabra. Cabracadabra is a cab company where woman drive other woman around. They are setting up shop at Bojack's because Bojack felt guilty for having sex with Emily. After, Emily tells Bojack that they have to tell Todd but Bojack says that they have to keep it a secret. Bojack runs into Emily at his house and both deny knowing each other. Mr. Peanutbutter senses that something is going on but decides that it must have to do with the new company that they're setting up. Bojack makes an excuse that he has to go to a marketing meeting but asks the Closer if he can call her back tomorrow. She says of course.

Bojack calls her back the next day and tells her about the meeting. Diane arrived late and explains why she is late despite nobody wanting to know. The meeting is about a new ad campaign for Secretariat and Bojack really connected with the mirror ad. Ana tells Bojack to leave the decision making to the professionals. Then Ana and Bojack have sex in the car. Bojack stops them having sex and asks why they never go back to her place. Ana says that this, what they're doing, is exactly what he wants. The Closer asks if this is why he wants to cancel the LA Gazette. Bojack says no that he wants to cancel his subscription because newspapers are dumb. The Closer says that he doesn't have any guilt over sleeping with Emily. Bojack says that he has had trouble sleeping. Todd asks Emily what's the worst thing she's done to someone lately but she's saved from answering by Bojack who tells them that they aren't letting him sleep. Bojack goes and sleeps on his boat. But he goes out there and finds that Character Actress Margo Martindale has been living on his boat.

Bojack asks how long she's been living there. Margo tells him that she's been lying low although she did do an arc on the Good Wife. Bojack asks how she did that and she says that she disappeared into the role. She says that he knows too much and he says he's going to go sleep by the pool. He puts the paper mache head on and goes to sleep. Bojack tells Ana that he wants to know something about her if they're going to sleep together. Ana says that they need to keep a little distance. So he followed her home and saw that she was normal. He says that its sad when you see someone for how they truly are because it ruins them. The Closer asks if he has anyone to talk to about these feelings he has. He doesn't say anything and is interrupted by Margo who tells him that she's been nominated for an award. She is taking his boat out and that he must say he never saw her.

Bojack tells the Closer that all he wants is to have control over his own life and that he wants to cancel the delivery of the La Gazzete. The Closer tells him that he doesn't want to do that and tricks him into getting another subscription. He thanks her and hangs up. Todd and Emily have a conversation. Emily tells Todd that he should do this without her. Todd asks if he did something to make her feel uncomfortable. Emily says no that it's Bojack and that he hasn't been a good friend to him. Bojack goes to visit Ana and tells her that he wants to stay over at her house and that he wants to know her. He also tells her that he wants to go with the mirror ads for Secretariat. The ad isn't a success because the billboard just reflects the sky.