They want Sextina Aquafina baby!

—Sextina Aquafina , “Prickly Muffin

Sextina Aquafina is a teenage Dubstep wunderkid as described by A Ryan Seacrest Type and a minor recurring character in BoJack Horseman.


Little is known about Sextina's background. She was born circa 2000 (A Ryan Seacrest Type describes her as "a 14-year-old Dubstep wunderkind" in "Prickly-Muffin" which takes place in 2014.), and says she was a big fan of Sarah Lynn as a child.

In "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew", Diane becomes the ghostwriter for Sextina's Twitter account and accidentally tweets (as Sextina) that she's getting an abortion. The resulting controversy helps Sextina's career, and Sextina pretends that she had an abortion. In the end, Sextina actually does become pregnant and wants to keep the baby. As a result, Diane and Princess Carolyn work together to hide this pregnancy.


Sextina is a light blue dolphin. Unlike real life dolphins, she has human arms and legs. She wears eyeliner and lipstick. The colors of her makeup and her outfits vary from scenes and episodes.


Sextina Aquafina outfits Braap Braap Pew Pew

Sextina Aquafina model sheet for "Braap Braap Pew Pew"