Ruthie is the ninth episode of Season 4 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman.


In an imagined future setting, Princess Carolyn's descendant, Ruthie (Kristen Bell) tells Miss Teach-Bot's (Kristin Chenoweth) class all about a particular bad day.

BoJack and Diane try to track down Hollyhock's birth certificate.


In the distant future, a cat girl named Ruthie is giving a presentation on her ancestor Princess Carolyn on a specific day. It starts out in the morning where Princess Caroline is very happy with her situation; a caring boyfriend, a baby on the way, and a high-end client. Ralph allows her to have a little bit of coffee, but P.C. accidentally spills it on her clothes and breaks her necklace. Ruthie then informs her class that this particular day would suck.

P.C. plans on getting Courtney Portnoy another acting gig in a movie called "Corpse Me If You Can-Can", but this turns out to be a set up as Courtney fires her as manager for the failures of "Miss Taken" and the nuptials of her and Todd failing. Determined not to let this get her down, she calls up Mr. Peanutbutter for a possible new acting gig, but Peanutbutter tells her he's busy helping Woodchuck on the election against Jessica Biel and Katrina. Meanwhile, BoJack has decided to go to the courthouse of Hollywoo to find Hollyhock's birth certificate and brings Diane along as Hollyhock is too busy. Their efforts turn fruitless, however, and they leave empty-handed.

Meanwhile, P.C. goes to a jewelry store so they can fix her necklace. While there, she meets up with Charely who mentions to her about the offer to he made last year to merge companies but Judah told him she wasn't interested, surprising her. She tries to get him to confess to it, but Judah does not confirm about the situation. She heads over to the doctor's office for a check up on the baby, but unfortunately for her, it turns out to be another miscarriage. Her day gets even worse when she finds out her necklace, which she believed to be a family heirloom since her grandmother, turns out to be a JC Penny necklace. This causes her to break down crying over these events.

At the office, P.C. starts drinking alcohol when Judah comes in. She confronts him about the offer Charely made, and Judah admits that he was only trying to protect her. P.C., however, is angry that he lied to her, and fires him as her assistant. P.C. later goes to dinner with Ralph, but is very reluctant to tell him about the miscarriage, eventually deciding to leave after hearing words that sound like "miscarriage". Instead of going to Ralph's place, she returns to her old apartment, only to see Todd's Clown Dentist practice at work. Later that night, she drinks at a party with Todd and the clowns when Ralph comes over. An argument the happens with P.C. revealing the miscarriage, and adding in that this is the fifth one she had. While Ralph wants to try and look for other options to have a baby, she breaks up with him. P.C.goes back to the office when BoJack calls her about the terrible day he had. P.C., who herself had possibly the worst day of her life, tells him that whenever she has a bad day she imagines that her future descendent is talking about her in class. While BoJack mentions that all of that is fake, she sadly notes that it makes her feel better.