Ritchie "Goober" Osbourne is a character who appeared in the BoJack Horseman Christmas Special, in which he is revealed to have molested a group of Laker girls, and in the season 3 episode BoJack Kills as the antagonist in the A-plot. He is currently in prison.

Not much is known about his character, other than the fact that he played a minor character on Horsin' Around named Goober, who nobody liked, hence his nickname. His misogynistic attitude is reflected in his belief that women are nothing more than entertainment for men, and he urges families to bring young girls to Whale World, a glorified and incredibly shady strip club which features female whales and Ritchie claims it is "fun for the whole family", and encourages those girls to become strippers themselves.


Ritchie is an adult human male with thinning blonde hair and a blonde beard. He wears a black leather jacket, a yellow deep V-neck shirt with an orange collar and orange flame pattern on it.

As a teen playing the part of Goober on Horsin' Around he wore a tie-die shirt that was purple, blue, and orange. He also wore green sunglasses with dark purple lenses and a backwards baseball cap with a dark brown top and light blue blue bill. His hair was also thicker, longer, and waiver.


  • His character Goober is similar to Roger on Sister, Sister and is always being told to "Go home, Goober."
    • He may have also been a love interest/boyfriend for the character Olivia played by Joelle Clarke.
    • It is implied his character was universally disliked by many people.
    • This is shown when Diane Nguyen and BoJack Horseman were making a commentary on how much Goober sucks when watching the show together in Season 2.