Yeah, hold on, America, Randy's gotta figure out how to do his job. Because if I don't have a graphic, Randy, people who are just tuning in-Why am I explaining this to you? This is basic journalistic-I swear to God! We'll be right back!


Randy is the copywriter who works the teleprompter and likes to overuse alliterations. Tom Jumbo-Grumbo constantly gets angry at him, most of the time it's while they are already on air for his constant (sometimes, just perceived) screw ups. He is known for giving serious news stories really lame titles such as The Jerk-Off. While Tom seems to really have it out for him, he does not screw up as often as Tom thinks he does. Like Erica, he is never shown on screen, just mentioned.

Nothing is known about his personal life.


He has a great love of alliterations.


  • Most of his shenanigans might just be pranks to get a rise out of Tom.

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