...My life is a mess right now, and I compulsively take care of other people when I don't know how to take care of myself.

—Princess Carolyn, BoJack Horseman

Princess Carolyn is an anthropomorphic pink Persian cat and one of the main characters throughout the BoJack Horseman series. She is BoJack Horseman's ex-girlfriend and former agent.


Princess Carolyn has pink fur, with tufts of fur on her cheeks, and a curl of pink hair on her head. She had green eyes and long black whiskers. She also has what appear to be bags under her eyes. She wears a knee-length teal green dress with a yellow fish pattern on it and a grey belt around the waist, with a yellow sweater, a yellow necklace with a yellow pendant with a red dot in the middle, and red high heels. According to model sheets she is 5'0 tall in heels.

In 2007, she wore a blue and white striped short-sleeved shirt, a denim skirt, a brown jacket, and pink Ugg boots, along with a white fedora outdoors.

In the 90s, she had a "Rachel" style hairdo. She wore a yellow vest over a sleeveless black top, a green skirt with a white and yellow plaid design, and black heeled shoes.



Little is known about Princess Carolyn's childhood, as it is referenced only a few times in the show. She grew up at a prosperous household where her mother worked as a live-in maid. However, she mentions having to do a lot of the work herself during this time, as her mother was an irresponsible alcoholic. She covered for her so they wouldn't have to live in the street.

Princess Carolyn started at Vigor Talent as a secretary in the early 90s. She rose to be one of their top agents through her dogged pursuit of new talent, large network of personal connections to other agents, and skill for being in the right place at the right time. In the first two seasons, she has had three boyfriends. In season 1 she had an on again off again relationship with BoJack. She left Vigor to start a new agency with her third boyfriend, married coworker Rutebaga Rabbinowitz, at the end of Season 2. She ultimately decided to leave him and run the new company on her own when Rutabaga expressed hesitance at divorcing his wife.


Princess Carolyn is the earnest, clever, hard-working agent. She often finds herself forced to choose between prioritizing her career and her relationships. She almost compulsively starts relationships with men without much foresight, which often leads to complications in her relationships. BoJack notes that she does this because she is lonely.

Princess Carolyn takes pride in her work and loves her career as a talent agent despite its frustrations. She claims to separate her personal life from her professional life, but she is shown to have at least a little difficulty in doing so when she tries to pep talk herself after BoJack breaks up with her. BoJack's constant intrusion into her work and personal lives also makes doing so difficult for Princess Carolyn. Despite saying that she wants a "quiet life", she actually loves the excitement of her career as a talent agent and wouldn't trade it for anything, despite the stress.

Princess Carolyn admits that she compulsively takes care of others when she feels her own life is out of control.


  • She is about 5'0.
  • Princess Carolyn seems to love cat related media, as shown by her many posters in her apartment and her "Cats" ringtone. Inexplicably, she also has a poster for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Junior," which has never been brought up.
  • Despite being promoted from intern to secretary to agent at the agency, she continued to water the plants.

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