The Prince Gustav of Cordovia is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is the prince of the fictional country of Cordovia. He is almost identical to Todd Chavez in appearance, but not personality.


He bears an uncanny resemblance to Todd Chavez the only difference being a thick Cordovian accent, and a mole under his nose on the right side of his face, a slightly more angled jaw line. He even steals Todd's identity and tricks him into swapping places for a while.

The Prince is the tyrannical ruler of Cordovia who commits atrocities of genocidal proportions.


While little is known about him he appears to be easily angered with a short temper. He also seems very aggressive. This may be a foil for Todd who is relaxed and more laid back.


He looks almost identical to Todd Chavez. However, his face and neck are clean shaven, he has thicker eyebrows, and a mole on the right side under his nose.


  • Todd mentions earlier on to Princess Carolyn how he often gets mistaken for the Prince and Octavia Spencer.