Pam is a human female who had a one night stand with BoJack Horseman.


Pam is an attractive adult woman with an innocent, almost childlike face which is the exact opposite of her personality.

She has wavy blonde hair below shoulder length and is seen wearing double feather earrings, a strapless black tube top, lilac skirt with black thread embroidery trim at the top an bottom, a lime green fringe handbag, and deep magenta platform pumps with straps going across her ankles.

She also wears an excessive amount of make-up that does not really suit her well.


"I don't need you Pamm-ing up the place"


Season 1

Pam is first seen with her posse of a young African-American woman and a hen. They were mocking and taking pictures of BoJack at his favorite bar while he is sulking.

BoJack later tells her in a fit of rage she does not have the right to insult him just because she is pretty. Despite being quite dim she manages to refute BoJack by raising a good point if she and her friends were making him so uncomfortable, why didn't BoJack simply leave the bar?

She then realizes BoJack has called her pretty and is flattered by this, which is the only thing she got out of BoJack's long-winded rambling diatribe, the two somehow end up sleeping together at BoJack's house.

The next morning he forgot she was there and then grows irate when he realizes she has not left yet and tells her to leave saying she should, "Stop Pamming up the place"-using her name to insult her. Much to his chagrin, Pam is in no hurry to vacate his property.

She is constantly chatting to her girlfriends and gossips about "the weird things BoJack does in bed" to everyone she knows. Later, she deliberately made hurtful statements about BoJack being anti-soldier.


  • Pam is a dim, relatively shallow adult woman who enjoys gossip and mocking others
  • She seems to have a low maturity level for her age.
  • She is seen in a later episode talking while seated in the background of a restaurant.