"Old Acquaintance" is the eighth episode of Season 3 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. Season 3 premiered on July 22, 2016.


While BoJack is up for a role in a David Pincher film, Diane meets Captain Peanutbutter and Todd makes a series of business decisions.


Rutabaga Rabitowitz is in marriage therapy when he gets a call from Vanessa Gekko who tells him that the Flight of the Pegasus lost its lead and they need a new actor immediately. He heads into the office where they decide that Chuff Hollister should be the replacement lead.

Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn is trying to sell the idea of BoJack Horseman being the lead. Both agencies need to land this gig because neither of them is doing well. Bojack gets a call from Sarah Lynn while she's driving and painting her toenails.

She asks him if he's going to be doing the Horsin Around sequel series. She crashes her car before he can get a word in. Bojack can't believe that that they're going to be doing a reboot without him. Ana Spanakopita tells him not to worry about that because he's going to get an Oscar.

Bojack calls Brad and asks him why he didn't call him. Brad says he'd love for him to be a part of it but the horse died in the series finale. Bojack lists a bunch of ways of how they could bring the Horse back. Brad says that maybe the networks will pay attention to the show if Bojack is a part of it. Brad purchases a plane ticket to Los Angeles because he's ready to come home because the sitcom stage is his home.

Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane arrive at the airport. Mr. Peanutbutter gets a call from Todd who tells him that his new company is doing great. Mr. Peanutbutter is glad to hear it. Captain Peanutbutter arrives to pick them up. Princess Carolyn tells Bojack about the Flight of the Pegasus trilogy. Ana says that a part like that would say that Bojack is more than just an actor, he's a movie star. Bojack says he can't do it if he's going to be doing the Horsin' Around reboot.

Ana asks if they have an offer and Princess Carolyn tells her she'll get it. Mr. Peanutbutter and Captain Peanutbutter return to the Labrador Penninsula with Diane. Captain Peanutbutter asks Diane if she believes in the soul. He tells Diane to remember that life is precious. Diane asks Mr. Peanutbutter if he told his brother about the abortion. He says no.

Princess Carolyn has lunch with her old assistant, Laura. Laura tells her that she'll put in a good word for Bojack but she's just an assistant. Princess Carolyn says she has power and that she's always believed in her. Laura says of course because Princess Carolyn went to bat for her when she was looking to get a promotion.

Mr. Witherspoon talks to Judah about merging the two companies. Judah tells him that he'll bring it up to Princess Carolyn when the time is right. Brad and Bojack have drinks. Bojack tells him that he can't do it because of his schedule but Brad tells him they'll work around it. Bojack calls Princess Carolyn and asks her what to do. She tells him to just tell him that he doesn't want to do the show.

Bojack says that that'll destroy him and that as his agent that's her job to do. Rutabaga and Vanessa come up with an idea to make Bojack not want to do the film. They contact Kelsey who asks Bojack to be in her book turned movie to secure funding. Kelsey tells him that her movie is real and that he won't get to be the hero but he'll do something meaningful.

Kelsey manages to convince Bojack to join her film. Bojack tells Princess Carolyn and Ana about the movie. Ana thinks it's a good idea and Princess Carolyn doesn't. Ana asks Princess Carolyn if there's any way he can do both. Princess Carolyn says she'll see what she can do.

Diane, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Captain Peanutbutter are sitting around a fire. Mr. Peanutbutter gets a phone call and walks away leaving Diane and Captain Peanutbutter alone. Captain Peanutbutter again goes into some deep conversation, freaking Diane out a bit.

Todd tells Mr. Peanutbutter that his idea to start including male customers was a success. However, it's caused some problems because they rate drivers on how they look. Mr. Peanutbutter tells him that if their women don't feel safe in that space then they need to find new women.

Todd heads to a gentleman's club. Laura calls Princess Carolyn and tells her that Bojack has got the part. Vanessa calls Princess Carolyn to sign the deal for Kelsey's movie. Princess Carolyn tells her that she has to work around his Pegasus schedule. This upsets Vanessa because she thought he'd withdrawn from the race.

Todd throws a party for his company at Bojack's house. Brad shows up and Ana tells Brad that Bojack doesn't want to do the show anymore. Diane tells Mr. Peanutbutter to talk to his brother because something is going on with him. This upsets Mr. Peanutbutter because he knows that nothing is wrong.

He goes for a walk and runs into Captain Peanutbutter. He asks his brother if everything's okay and Captain Peanutbutter says that he needs to talk to him. Captain Peanutbutter tells him that he has a twisted spline but that everything's going to be fine.

Laura calls Princess Carolyn and tells her that Bojack is no longer going to be in the Pegasus movie. Laura does this because of an old e-mail from Princess Carolyn that Vanessa shows her. Kelsey calls Bojack and tells him that he's no longer in her movie because of all the money he's demanding.

Princess Carolyn yells at Judah out of frustration. She tells him to go home and he leaves before she gets a call from Bojack. She sends it to voicemail. Mr. Peanutbutter goes back to bed. Rutabega's wife delivers her babies. Vanessa comes to the hospital to tell Rutabega that they saved the agency because Chuck is now in the Pegasus movie.


Actor Character
Will Arnett ... BoJack Horseman
Amy Sedaris ... Princess Carolyn
Alison Brie ... Diane Nguyen
Paul F. Tompkins ... Mr. Peanutbutter
Aaron Paul ... Todd Chavez
Diedrich Bader ... Judah
Lorraine Bracco ... Dr. Janet
Emily Deschanel ... Bones
Raúl Esparza ... Ralph Stilton
Dave Franco ... Alexi Brosefino
Abbi Jacobson ... Emily
Patton Oswalt ... David / Pig Doctor
Tessa Thompson ... Taneisha

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