Miles is a Minor Character in Bojack Horseman, specifically he is a prominent minor character in The Judge.


Miles is an African-American human who briefly dated Hollyhock, he mentions that he attends UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and either regularly attends parties, or hosts them. It is also mentioned that he and Hollyhock at one point slept with each other, whether or not the encounter was sexual or not is unspecified.

BoJack is suspicious of him and warns Hollyhock to be cautious of him. It turns out he does genuinely like Hollyhock and is not terrible in the way BoJack originally suspected.

He treats her well, calls her, and does seem to be genuinely interested in Hollyhock as a person, and also enjoys spending time with her.

However, he is willing to break up with her when an opportunity arises for his script to be discovered by an agent, showing the less desirable side of his personality.


Miles is an African-American youth about the same age as Hollyhock who has a short black Afro and slight stubble under his chin.

Miles wears a cropped maroon sports jacket with black thread trim around the collar, bottom, pockets, and sleeves. It has two front pockets. It also has two tiger appliques sewn on both sides of the black zipper.

He also is seen sporting a white undershirt and blue beanie. He carries around a brown wooden clip board with a metal clasp to hold papers while doing his internship.


Hollyhock (dated)


  • An in-joke between Miles, and Hollyhock involves the world "Kilometers" which contains his name.