Listen boo-boo, I didn't graduate first in my class from a prestigious university, rise through the ranks at an elite news organization, win a well-known award, never ever be sick at sea and also my name is Mia McKibben, so that I could deal with your nonsense.

—Mia to Todd, "Let's Find Out"

Mia McKibben is J.D. Salinger's assistant at MBN.


Mia is a mouse with light grey fur with darker fur on her ears and lighter fur on her snout and front of her body. The inside of her ears and her nose are pink, she has black whiskers, and she wears black mascara and grey eyeliner.

She wears a light and dark blue leopard print jacket with white cuffs over a white top, along with black jeans, a necklace with a cheese shaped pendant, a gold bracelet, and mint green heels with white and gold studded straps.


Mia is an assistant for J.D. Salinger under an apprenticeship. She is cool-headed, competitive, and effective to make sure everything is going well behind the scenes of Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let's Find Out!

She collaborates very well with J.D. and heavily seems to need his approval of her work but has a slight rivalry and clashes with Todd Chavez and the two of them have very snarky interactions. It does seem as though she does warm up to him slightly despite being cold in the beginning of their interactions.

Her biggest pet-peeve is irresponsibility a trait she finds especially irritating in Todd. She is also aggravated at the fact that he achieves success not by his own hard work, achievements, or merits but due to his friendship with Mr. Peanutbutter.

Her entire rivalry with him surrounds J.D.'s prized pen and what it represents: who is the best out of the two of them Todd or Mia. In the end, she does give him the pen as a consolation prize but is incredibly smug and condescending about it as though she is still reeling from her victory over him.

However, it seems as though Todd has tricked her and then mocks her about it. It is especially irritating to her that it is Todd, the notorious slacker, has been the one to outsmart the hard-working Mia.