Marty Nguyen is one of Diane's brothers. His catchphrase is "Not now. I'm watching the game". He shows little to no interest in Diane when she walks in despite her having been absent five years preferring to spend time watching the recording of a game he has seen a hundred or so times before believing he can change the outcome so his team doesn't lose (they still, of course, lose anyway). Marty thinks the family fighting during the game is bad juju.

He is a washout who could not get into B.C. He tried when he was 18 and still believes he can get in despite being in his late 30s. He is overall an alcoholic, bum, and sports obsessed like the rest of his family. He milks out aide from his family by claiming to have "injured" himself at the quarry.


Marty is a Vietnamese man in his early 30s. He is seen holding a beer can and wearing a button down baseball jersey with the word SPORTS written in red capital block letters. The neckline and collar have a red trim around them.


His catchphrase is "Not now, I'm watching the game."