Ma Nguyen is a Vietnamese woman with a grey beehive hairdo. Her face has wrinkles and she has obvious bags under her eyes. She is presumably between 60-70 years old. She is depicted wearing a red sports jersey with a blue v neck collar and blue and white sleeve striped sleeve cuffs with a single white stripe at the top and blue stripe at the bottom. She also wears a yellow with pink flowers. For jewelry she wears a gold necklace, gold bracelets, and gold teardrop earrings. Her makeup is a deep red lipstick and heavy light blue eyeshadow.


Ma Nguyen is Diane's verbally, emotionally, nagging, abusive, manipulative, passive-aggressive mother who abuses Diane in the same way Beatrice Horseman abuses BoJack Horseman.

She is an alcoholic who fits in well with the bad mother trope as she allows Diane's brothers to follow her bad habits and practically encourages them to follow in her footsteps by taking them to the bar and buying them alcohol .

Ma also allows her sons to be emotionally abusive to her daughter Diane on a regular basis and greatly plays favoritism towards them over Diane. Despite this, Diane bends over backwards to please her and keeps coming back even when she knows better.

She blames others for her children being so screwed up rather than her own horrible parenting.

From the second Diane walks inside her home, Ma Nguyen criticizes and berates Diane constantly and seems more focused on doing so then grieving over her recently diseased husband. It is implied her marriage was rocky. She is seen as very apathetic towards her husband's death saying his dying wish was to be chummed and thrown towards Derek Jeter. She acts in a very nonchalant way when talking about this.


  • Ma Nugyen is a very similar character to Beatrice Horseman and Butterscotch Horseman in terms of verbal abuse.
  • Neither she nor Pa ever have their actual first names revealed
  • All her sons adore her and are extremely loyal due to her enabling ways.

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