Laura is a recurring character throughout BoJack Horseman that used to be Princess Carolyn's assistant until she was promoted and worked alongside her as an agent. She was replaced by a male assistant named Stuart in Brand New Couch.


Laura was very loyal to Princess Carolyn in all of her appearances. Unlike her replacement. Princess Carolyn acknowledges this by saying how all the good assistants leave too soon, and the bad ones never seem to go away.

It is later revealed that Princess Carolyn tried to stop Laura's promotion because she was "too good of an assistant".

As a result, Laura refuses to help Princess Carolyn land BoJack in the Pegasus series.


Laura is a young woman with dark olive skin and deep plum colored hair tied back in a bun with a black hairband .

She wears a dark green shirt with white beads at the collar, a pair of lavender dress pants, and yellow kitten heels speckled with green splatters.

For accessories, gold double stranded chain, tiny gold hoop earrings, a silver bangle on her left wrist, and yellow bangle on her right wrist.

She is frequently seen carrying a clipboard at work.

Episode Appearances