Kyle Carson is the human husband of BoJack's friend Charlotte Moore. His children are Penny and Trip.


BoJack is surprised to learn Charlotte had married a man named Kyle when he visits her in Tesuque, and has had a family for many years. Other than being a father, it is unspecified what he does for a career.

He is surprisingly welcoming of BoJack visiting and living with his family, and is largely unaware of BoJack's history with Charlotte. He attempts to help take Penny to her prom as her surrogate date, but is cut off when he enters her room in a tuxedo at the same time that Penny mentions BoJack would take her.


He constantly claims he is the comedian of the family, and will make jokes to cheer up or get a reaction out of his family. Though he appears to be a normal, well-meaning father. He is optimistic, and seems to be fine with BoJack living with his family.


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