Todd with Kenzie in the mask



Kenzie is one of the two members of the Celebrity Stealing Club that are shown in The Telescope, where they attempt to carjack Todd Chavez after stealing "two sacks of Kardashian swag."

Kenzie seems to be the easier going of the pair as she laughs at Todd's jokes even when they are holding him as a hostage driver in the car. She was then reprimanded by the other girl, her older sister Cammie, and reminded of their rule of not falling in love with people on the job.

Todd, sensing tension between the two siblings tries go get them to open up about their feelings. When he lets his guard down, they knock him unconscious and flee the scene.

Years later, they are seen stealing a painting from BoJack's house during his 2018 Halloween party.


Kenzie wears her dark brown hair in two pigtails. She wears a teal bikini top with a white zig-zag pattern, jean shorts, lime green high-top sneakers a single bracelet on her left wrist and two on her right wrist, she also is seen wearing a statement necklace. She is the nicer out of the two girls also, the younger one.


  • Kenzie and her sister were based of the movie The Bling Ring and the real-life events that inspired that movie.