Judah Mannowdog is Princess Carolyn's former assistant.


Judah is hard-working and very loyal to Princess Carolyn. He appears to be a kind and caring person with a gentle soul. He is usually dry, deadpan, and serious. Judah almost never shows emotion. When he wants people to know he's getting emotional he will simply state it in a very as-a-matter-of-fact way. He often tends to not get the joke until later. Though he takes his job seriously, he does seem to really care about Princess Carolyn. He thinks very carefully about everything he says with great precision and means exactly what he says. Even when he was berated and fired by a drunk Princess Carolyn, he only takes a deep breath and calmly thanks her for her time.


Judah is an adult human male (presumably in his early 30s). He has blue-green eyes and long brown hair which is tied in a bun. He has a long brown beard and mustache. He wears thick brown glasses. He wears a light blue collared shirt, dark teal necktie and pant suit and dress shoes.


  • His name is a pun on the phrase "You da man now dog!"
  • He was fired by Princess Carolyn, who had been drowning her sorrows, in the episode "Ruthie".