Jose Guerrero is one of Hollyhock's adoptive fathers. He is a brown bear with a Spanish accent.


Jose is a brown grizzly bear with thick black eyebrows, and a lighter brown snout. He wears a black and red plaid flannel shirt that is worn open to reveal a black shirt, dark grey jeans with holes in the knees, and dark brown work boots. He is the largest of Hollyhock’s eight dads, being a few inches taller than BoJack, who is about 6’6.


Not much is known about Jose, although like the rest of the dads he is very caring and protective of Hollyhock, getting angry and blaming BoJack for her overdosing on amphetamines, and being defensive and cutting him off when he tries to explain himself when he visits their home.

He is Spanish and speaks with an accent.


  • Jose is a bear and speaks English, unlike Tina Bear who speaks only with growls.
  • Jose being a gay bear refers to the actual term “gay bear”, which refers to a gay man who is masculine, large, and hairy.
  • He and his adopted daughter, Hollyhock, both wear dark grey jeans with holes in the knees.
  • He, Cupe, and Otto speak with accents.