Jogging Baboon (voiced by Jason Beghe) makes his first appearance outside BoJack Horseman's house in Brand New Couch. This sequence is repeated in several episodes. He has almost no lines, but he provides BoJack with some important life advice in the Season 2 finale, Out to Sea.


He is also shown trotting through the flashback episode The BoJack Horseman Show, alongside the same old woman who seems to be his running companion at 2007.

Despite being known as Jogging Baboon, he looks more like a Japanese Macaque. Some people also relates him to Rafiki, which also was a wise, mentor baboon in The Lion King.


Every day it gets a little easier.


  • Jogging Baboon runs faster as Season 2 progresses.
  • He also seems to start running downhill when things start to fall apart.


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