Joelle starred as Olivia, the oldest of the three orphans adopted by BoJack's character Horse on Horsin' Around. After the show ended, she moved to England, became a theater actress and developed a British accent. Herb says that she is an actually talented actress. It is revealed that during the run of Horsin' Around she developed an eating disorder because of the writers dressing her in a pumpkin costume on an episode of the sitcom and then writing "fat jokes" about her character.

She currently works at the West End Theater in London.


In flashback scenes from the set of Horsin' Around, Joelle is portrayed as a stereotypical child actor who doesn't feel that she is getting enough screen time, feeling jealousy toward Sarah Lynn in particular.


  • Horsin' Around


Sarah Lynn

Joelle has shown shades of jealousy toward Sarah Lynn due to her character dominating the show in its later years, leaving very little attention for Joelle's character.


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