Hooray! Todd Episode! is the third episode of Season 4 of Netflix original series BoJack Horseman.


Helpful to a fault, Todd is spread thin doing favors for Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter and a visitor with a potential connection to BoJack.

Plot Summary

The episode opens with a view of an orchestra. As the orchestra plays, the scene shows a triangle in front of an empty chair. One of the orchestra members asks where Todd is, while another reassures him that Todd will appear. Todd stumbles his way through the audience and on stage, reaching his chair in time for his solo. The scene then cuts to a bar, where several members of the orchestra are discussing Todd's achievements, when a lion overhears them and begins to describe Todd as one of the most caring and spirited men he ever knew, stating that he sometimes wishes Todd won't appear for his solo and exclaiming, "No man should be asked to give that much." Todd then stumbles out of the bathroom, exclaiming that he had salsa spilled on him and could not leave the bathroom for an hour.

The next morning, Todd wakes up in Mr. Peanutbutter's house. Mr. Peanutbutter and Katrina are discussing the issue of fracking, where Mr. Peanutbutter shows that he does not have a clear stance on fracking. Diane, on her way to work, shows her dislike of fracking, stating that if Mr. Peanutbutter is for fracking, she will be super upset. Katrina tells Mr. Peanutbutter that he needs to be sincere and emphatic, and Mr. Peanutbutter states he can be emphatic, but lost his sunglasses. Katrina asks Todd to go get Mr. Peanutbutter's glasses, and Todd agrees. As Todd is leaving, a mailman comes by with a package for Mr. Peanutbutter. Todd is told to sign for the package, but refuses and takes the campaign bus to VIM.

As he does this, we see the teeenage female horse who tried to contact BoJack in That Went Well hiding in some bushes across the street, wearing a trench coat and fedora, and spying on Todd.

Todd arrives at Princess Caroline's office, where Princess Caroline tells Todd about Courtney Portnoy's new movie, Ms. Taken. Princess Caroline tells Todd that Courtney's image is currently lacking support from the common folk, and asks Todd to go on a date with Courtney for the paparazzi to get some pictures. Todd mentions a meeting he planned on attending later that day, but reluctantly agrees.

Todd goes back to Mr. Peanutbutter's house, where Katrina tells him that they missed the polling results due to Todd not signing for the package, and tells him to sign for anything about Mr. Peanutbutter. Mr. Peanutbutter then goes to give a speech about fracking, while Todd signs a letter to the state government.

Todd is then chloroformed by the teen horse girl. When Todd wakes up, she assures him she’s not going to hurt him and introduces herself as Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack (she has a long name due to having eight adopted fathers who live together in a gay polyamorous relationship). She tells Todd ever since she was a baby, people have always told her she looks like BoJack Horseman, so she came to LA to see if he’s her biological father. Todd agrees to take Hollyhock to BoJack's house to gather a DNA sample. Hollyhock chloroforms him again, and they find BoJack asleep on his couch. Hollyhock yanks out a hair from BoJack, and before they leave, BoJack wakes up. He asks about Hollyhock, to which Todd responds she's a maid. BoJack tries to apologize, but Hollyhock chloroforms BoJack. She sends Todd off to analyze the DNA sample.

Todd quickly arrives at a DNA clinic, but finds he has to have a sample from Hollyhock too. He finds out it's 1:00, and remembers about his date with Courtney. After arriving at the restaurant, Courtney mentions that the place is too fancy for a common man, and quickly leaves, saying she can't handle it. After the waiter mentions "hair" and "dad", Todd races back to BoJack's house, where he finds Hollyhock has done no cleaning. BoJack says he'll have to fire her if she does not clean anything, and Todd tells BoJack to buzz up and sleep, assuring him Hollyhock will clean the house. Todd then quickly works to clean the house while Hollyhock sits around lazily. After cleaning the house, Katrina calls Todd, revealing that Todd had signed a letter giving Mr. Peanutbutter his support on fracking. Mr. Peanutbutter asks Todd to help with Diane, where Todd assumes he needs to keep her away from the news/internet. Todd obliges, and tries to distract Diane with a dance. While Diane's boss addresses Diane about her articles, Princess Caroline calls Todd and tells him he needs to meet Courtney at the Sharc Jacobs fashion show to help her image. After hanging up, Diane asks Todd how to make her articles liked. Todd suggests to write them full of gossip, to which Diane tries to look at the internet. Todd quickly tells her a lie about Channing Tatum's daughter. Todd asks Diane to run a DNA test on Hollyhock and BoJack's hairs (which he says are Channing Tatum's and his daughter's), and leaves.

Todd arrives at the Sharc Jacobs fashion show and accidentally stumbles into the model's area. He ends up having to walk the runway, and after several displeased boos, he says fashion is for everyone, to which the crowd agrees and cheers. Todd then gets a call from Diane, who confirms that the hairs are a match. Todd quickly hangs up and rushes off to tell Hollyhock, only to find BoJack going through the mail BoJack informs Todd that Hollyhock is at Channing Tatum's house. Todd quickly runs to Channing Tatum's house to tell Hollyhock, who he finds sitting on Channing Tatum's house. Todd is about to tell Hollyhock that the DNA matches, but lies instead and says there is not a match. Diane suddenly knocks on the door. Todd tells Hollyhock to hide and impersonates Channing Tatum. After Diane reveals she does not wish to be a gossip reporter, Todd says she did good to follow her heart. After Diane leaves, Todd finds Hollyhock is gone. Before Todd can chase her, Princess Caroline calls and tells Todd he still needs to get pictures with Courtney. Todd quickly finds Courtney, and the two have a brief disscussion. Todd reveals he won't attend a meeting he has later that night before the paparazzi catches them. Courtney then says that the two of them are engaged. Todd states he's confused, and then heads to BoJack's house, looking for Hollyhock.

Upon arriving at BoJack's, he finds BoJack and tells him that Hollyhock is his daughter. BoJack is surprised to learn this, and Todd explains Hollyhock didn’t want to tell him. BoJack laments to Todd he wouldn’t want him as a father either, and about how he treated him and slept with Emily, the only person he (Todd) was ever in love with. Todd says he thinks he didn’t think he loved Emily, and he doesn’t feel he deserves to e loved. BoJack reassures Todd he’s a great person and does so without ever wanting anything in return except for somewhere to sleep.

Todd then admits to BoJack he thinks he’s asexual. BoJack tells Todd that he is happy for Todd, and the two become acquaintances again. Hollyhock rings BoJack's doorbell, and Todd goes to his meeting, which is an asexual meet-up. As the episode ends, Todd settles down with his new group of friends, and the scene cuts to the same orchestra as at the beginning. Todd's solo comes up, but he is nowhere to be found, to which the lion from before says, "Good for him."



  • Todd officially comes out as asexual.
  • The fictional company Sharc Jacobs is based off real life fashion designer Marc Jacobs.
  • The band members from the start of the episode all mention his many exploits that happened in earlier episodes, primarily "Our A-Story is a "D" Sotry, "That Went Well", and "Hank After Dark".
  • This episode acknowledges that Todd does many things for his friends, while usually none of them pay him back or care about his exploits.
  • Todd's future love interest, Yolanda Buenaventura[1], makes a cameo in this episode.


S4E3 Hollyhock taking selfies while Todd shovels trash over the balcony

Hollyhock’s right sock is beige instead of pink.

  • When Hollyhock is taking selfies while Todd shovels trash over the balcony, her right sock is beige like her sneakers instead of pink.


BoJack: Looks like I missed quite a deal over at Pottery Barn. Life is but a series of missed opportunities... Some involving Pottery Barn.