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Herb Kazzaz (voiced by Stanley Tucci) was BoJack's former mentor and close friend, as well as an experienced comedian who created and wrote Horsin' Around. He was a recurring character in Season 1 of BoJack Horseman.


Herb and BoJack had a falling out at the apex of Horsin' Around's success, when Herb was blackballed by the network for being gay and BoJack didn't stand up for Herb for fear of losing his job. At the beginning of the series, they haven't spoken for nearly eighteen years. BoJack attempts to reconnect with him after learning that Herb has been diagnosed with terminal rectal cancer and is being watched over by a bear nurse called Tina. Though Herb reveals he lived a full life in spite of losing Horsin' Around, he hasn't forgiven BoJack for not being there when he needed a supportive friend.

Herb overcomes his cancer, but is soon after killed in a car accident. He didn't sustain injuries from the accident itself, but had crashed into a truck filled with peanuts to which he was deathly allergic.


Herb appeared to be an upbeat and friendly person, and also had a positive outlook on things. He is seen (in flashbacks) that he believed no cast member would change due to fame. This was not true.

Herb was someone who believed that the cast would never betray him or each other. He was sadly mistaken when Bojack abandoned him and didn't stick up for Herb when the producers found out that he was a closet homosexual. This incident destroyed their relationship and left Herb with a lifelong grudge against Bojack.


Had a short-lived relationship with Charlotte Moore, but was later revealed to be a closeted homosexual.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I'm dying! I'm not going to feel better. And I'm not going to be your prop so you can feel better!"
  • "I did fine! I had a good life. But what I needed then was a friend, and you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that. Now get the fuck out of my house."


  • Herb was born in 1961, and died in 2015, meaning he died at fifty-four years old.
  • When BoJack first meets Herb, he tells him "Get cancer, jerkwad!". Later on Herb gets terminal rectal cancer.
  • Herb's closet homosexuality is subtly hinted at by Charlotte's statement, "I don't think I'm the person Herb's looking for," a mere scene before Herb steals a kiss from BoJack at Griffith Park.
  • In "Sabrina's Christmas Wish" it is also show that Herb lays the voice of Mr. Liberatore, the Horse's boss in the sitcom, "Horsin' Around"

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