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Sweetheart, everyone knows who I am. I'm Hank Hippopopalous. Who the hell are you?

—Hank Hippopopalous, Hank After Dark

Hank Hippopopalous is the host of the TV show Hey, I Think You Can Dance and a minor character in BoJack Horseman.


Hank gained worldwide fame in the 90s as host of the popular talk show Hank After Dark that earned him the 1994 Animal Choice Award for Male Animal in a Comedy, Drama or Variety Show. Before that he had a program called Hank Hippopopalous's Dance-Pop Cosmopolis and a novelty rap album titled Hank Hippopopalous Hip-Hop Hypothesis.

During a book tour, Diane brings attention to a scandal involving Hank. She says that all of his female personal assistants have "made the same allegation," though the exact nature of these allegations is never revealed.


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