Gary "The Black Sheep" Nguyen is a character, who only appears in the episode Live Fast, Diane Nguyen and is mentioned by Diane in Underground.


Gary, the adopted brother of Diane, and the literal black sheep of his human family. Despite technically being an outsider he is just as abusive as his brothers (if not worse). He is also rude, crass, and sports-obsessed like the rest of the Nguyen clan.


Gary is a black sheep with thick black wool, grey curved horns, and sports sleeveless Sports jerseys because in his words, "Sleeves are for wimps". In the episode he appears in he is wearing a green basketball jersey with a yellow collar and the capitalized words BALL GAME printed on the front.


Gary the black sheep model sheet

Gary Nguyen Model Sheet

  • Despite being a literal black sheep, he is closer to the family then the metaphorical black sheep, Diane Nguyen.
  • "Sleeves are for wimps" is his catchphrase.