Season 1

# Episode Name Description
01 BoJack Horseman: The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One To help with the memoir he hopes will put him back in the spotlight, BoJack hires a ghostwriter.
02 BoJack Hates the Troops BoJack finds himself the subject of national media attention after he calls the troops "jerks."
03 Prickly Muffin BoJack reconnects with a friend from his past who moves into his house and creates pandemonium.
04 Zoës and Zeldas BoJack decides to mentor Todd; Diane's ex-boyfriend writes an article about Mr. Peanutbutter.
05 Live Fast, Diane Nguyen A business trip for BoJack and Diane takes a detour; Todd runs a scam that gets him in trouble.
06 Our A-Story is a "D" Story BoJack is jealous of Diane's relationship with Mr. Peanutbutter; Todd's in a new environment.
07 Say Anything BoJack sabotages himself with an epic bender; Princess Carolyn's agency merges with another.
08 The Telescope When he learns that his old friend from Horsin' Around is dying, BoJack tries to mend fences.
09 Horse Majeure A lovestruck BoJack tries to sabotage a wedding; Todd accepts a surprising new professional role.
10 One Trick Pony BoJack shoots a movie at Mr. Peanutbutter’s house; Diane finishes her book.
11 Downer Ending BoJack embarks on a project in his typically gonzo style, leading to a drug-fueled revelation.
12 Later Months after his memoir is released, BoJack's being considered for a role that's a lifelong dream.
13 BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish BoJack and Todd watch a very special Christmas episode of Horsin' Around to celebrate the holidays.

Season 2

# Episode Name Description
01 Brand New Couch Picking up where he left off, BoJack Horseman is now set to start filming his dream movie Secretariat.
02 Yesterdayland BoJack is drawn to a female who has no clue who he is because she has been in a coma for 30 years; Todd opens a theme park.
03 Still Broken A funeral turns into a treasure hunt for the Horsin' Around cast, and a potential schmooze-fest for Princess Carolyn and Mr. Peanutbutter.
04 After the Party Princess Carolyn, BoJack, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter learn some important lessons about love in the wake of a surprise birthday party.
05 Chickens BoJack really wants his director Kelsey to like him. Todd, Diane and Kelsey's daughter help a chicken who's on the lam from the police.
06 Higher Love Princess Carolyn sees an opportunity when Mr. Peanutbutter's agent dies. BoJack flips when he says the "L" word out loud to Wanda.
07 Hank After Dark Diane goes off script during BoJack's book tour, jeopardizing Mr. Peanutbutter's new show. Todd gets involved in international affairs.
08 Let's Find Out BoJack is one of the celebrity guest stars on the first episode of Mr. Peanutbutter's game show, but the game doesn't go as expected.
09 The Shot BoJack cooks up a scheme with Kelsey, Todd, Princess Carolyn and Mr. Peanutbutter to steal a crucial shot for the Secretariat film.
10 Yes And Todd gets sucked into the cult of improv comedy. Wanda thinks Diane is a bad influence on BoJack when he has to deal with a career crisis.

Escape from L.A.

BoJack goes on a road trip to visit an old friend, and gets a taste of existence outside the Hollywoo bubble.
12 Out to Sea The important things in life become clear to BoJack when Todd moves out to join the improv comedy group on their special cruise ship.

Season 3

# Episode Name Description
01 Start Spreading The News Ana Spanakopita sends BoJack to New York to do interviews, and Todd tags along. Princess Carolyn tells Mr. Peanutbutter to get back to work.
02 The BoJack Horseman Show In 2007, Princess Carolyn finds a new project for BoJack, Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter at the coffee shop where she works, and Todd kisses a girl.
03 BoJack Kills BoJack is framed for the murder of a Whale World Dancer. Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd get into a stinky situation with the skunk next door.
04 Fish Out of Water BoJack takes an underwater trip to the Pacific Ocean Film Festival for the "Secretariat" premiere, where he tries to reach out to Kelsey.
05 Love And/Or Marriage While Todd and BoJack crash a rehearsal dinner, Diane gets high with a client. Princess Carolyn goes on a series of blind dates.
06 Brrap Brrap Pew Pew Diane's tweet lands Sextina Aquafina in hot water. Prankster and A-list actor Jurj Clooners gets under BoJack's skin.
07 Stop the Presses Todd builds a giant papier-mache Todd head. A customer service rep gives BoJack some sound advice when he tries to cancel his newspaper subscription.
08 Old Acquaintance BoJack is up for a part in David Pincher's latest film. Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter's brother, and Todd takes the business in a new direction.
09 Best Thing That Ever Happened BoJack meets Princess Carolyn at Elefante, leading to a night of soul-searching as they help the staff impress a food critic.
10 It's You Mr. Peanutbutter announces the Oscar nominees. BoJack surrounds himself with admirers, but his real friendships are falling apart.

That's Too Much, Man!

On a drug-fueled bender, BoJack and Sarah Lynn crash a AA meeting, and BoJack decides to make amends to the people he hurt.
12 That Went Well Mr. Peanutbutter saves the day. Todd gets exciting news. BoJack, Diane, and Princess Carolyn pursue new opportunities.

Season 4

# Episode Name Description
01 See Mr. Peanutbutter Run Mr. Peanutbutter's campaign to recall the governor of California culminates in a high-stakes ski race. Meanwhile, BoJack is nowhere to be found.
02 The Old Sugarman Place BoJack goes off the grid and winds up at his grandparents' dilapidated home in Michigan, where he befriends a dragonfly haunted by the past.
03 Hooray! Todd Episode! Helpful to a fault, Todd is spread thin doing favors for Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter and a visitor with a potential connection to BoJack.
04 Commence Fracking The campaign takes a toll on Diane's love life. BoJack helps Hollyhock search for her mom. Princess Carolyn tries to get pregnant.
05 Thoughts and Prayers A mass shooting at a mall creates a PR nightmare for Princess Carolyn. BoJack takes Hollyhock to visit his estranged mother.
06 Stupid Piece of Sh*t Surrounded by family, BoJack spirals into self-loathing. Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga Rabitowitz plan Courtney and Todd's sham wedding.
07 Underground Mr. Peanutbutter's posh campaign fundraiser takes a terrifying turn. As chaos swirls around them, BoJack and Diane get drunk.
08 The Judge Hollyhock starts dating an intern on BoJack's new show. Princess Carolyn meets Ralph's parents. Mr. Peanutbutter throws his support behind Woodchuck.
09 Ruthie On one awful day, Princess Carolyn deals with rejection, deception and loss. BoJack and Diane try to track down Hollyhock's birth certificate.
10 lovin that cali lifestyle!! Diane leaks damaging information on Jessica Biel, Todd's clown dentist business hits a snag, and Princess Carolyn finds hope in an unlikely place.
11 Time's Arrow In 1963, young socialite Beatrice Sugarman meets the rebellious Butterscotch Horseman at her debutante party.
12 What Time Is It Right Now Princess Carolyn pitches "Philbert" to company execs. Todd gets a better business idea. BoJack comes to a realization about Hollyhock.

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