Emily is Todd's ex-girlfriend who he had known since high school. She was close to him in 2007,however Todd was not ready for any relationship, as he is asexual. He reconnects with her in season 3, and she once again tries to strike a romance with him, but he doesn't want to, so she ends up sleeping with BoJack, and than opens up a driving business with her, she quit due to her feeling like a bad friend for sleeping with BoJack, but they patch things up in the Season 3 finale, agreeing to share the money they earned, though Todd accidentally blows it all.



For an amount of time, Emily has wanted to get closer to Todd, whether it meant kissing or even having sex. While Todd seemed like he wanted to, he always felt reluctant, resulting in him striking out of every opportunity. Emily is a sexual deviant, when she was a child she used to rock back and fourth with a teddy bear in between her legs. When Todd didn't want to have sex, she had sex with BoJack Horseman.

Emily though becomes more accepting of Todd. In the season 3 finale, when it becomes possible that Todd is asexual, Emily is very accepting of this and is willing to just remain good friends with Todd.

Emily is usually a very nice, friendly person overall, but can also seem to want a little more when it comes to relationships. She often is searching for something.


Todd Chavez: Close Friend

Bojack Horseman: Friend/One Night Stand

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