Dr. Allen Hu is a questionable doctor who provides Sarah Lynn with drugs, going against the ethics of his profession and confuses BoJack with his name, as BoJack was thinking more along the lines of the popular British show and franchise Dr.Who.


Little is known about Dr. Allen other than his medical practice and that he deals drugs through a Black Market.


Dr. Allen Hu is a professional doctor who gives perscription pills and experimental pills to Sarah Lynn despite ethics making him a very sketchy and questionable doctor.

Due to his name and his Black Market drug dealings, BoJack first suspects that his name is a pseudonym prior to meeting the doctor.

BoJack is left speechless when the real Dr.Hu-not Who makes his appearance. Sarah Lynn, Todd, and the doctor himself don't seem to understand that BoJack is thinking of the popular British show Dr. Who and is getting confused by the similar sounding name and don't make the connection.


Sarah Lynn (drug dealer)