Disneyland was a amusement park created by Todd Chavez in the episode Yesterdayland.


The idea for Disneyland was originally convinced when Todd asked BoJack Horseman if he would take him to the original Disneyland. BoJack told Todd that Disneyland wasn't real, and just something kids were told by their parents, such as Santa or the Tooth Fairy. Todd realized he could make this dream come true and began construction on the park. BoJack didn't care about it.

The park had several hazards to it, and was not legal in the slightest. As it was completely plagiarized and stolen off the real Disneyland. It beat the original Disneyland in the court case when it turned out the original file was misspelled by Walt Disney, being spelled " Diisneyland" with an extra I. It was destroyed by a hazardous fire at the end of the episode.