Cow Waitress is a recurring minor character who works at the diner where characters from BoJack Horseman often eat.


Cow Waitress is particularly interesting because she is often seen serving cow products, with judgment. She presents a steak to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who then apologizes. She lifts up her arm to pump milk for Diane when she meets with Lenny Turteltaub.

She also tells BoJack in Later that their pie is not good.

She becomes rich by Todd accidentally tipping her all his money yet, she still works her job. It is a possibility she owns the diner, though not specified as of Season 4.


Cow Waitress is an elderly lady with light brown skin, horns, and a white patch going down to her chin. The tip of her snout is pink who wears a teal waitress uniform which is a dress with light purple buttons and trim around the sleeves, collar and top of the hat that matches the rest of the outfit and a white apron around her waist and brown high-heeled pumps. She wears a pair of spectacles across the bridge of her snout.


She is shown to be somewhat moody and sarcastic due to the fact her place of employment serves beef product.

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