Courtney Portnoy is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman.


Courtney Portnoy is a human female who is a tongue-twisting celebrity actress and a former managerial client of Princess Carolyn. Later, she is shown to have switched over to Vanessa Gekko, Princess Carolyn's rival as her new agent. She has everything including her own gun range where Diane Nguyen shoots a gun for the first time on Courtney's target practice.

Courtney once dated and almost fake married Todd Chavez as a publicity stunt to make her seem more relatable to the public- the idea being she was dating a "boring nobody" like Todd. She was almost in a movie called Ms. Taken which was about a shooting in a shopping mall which was supposed to help change her image. The film was never shown, due to several mass shootings across the USA.


Courtney is a human female with long straight blonde hair. She wears heavy grey eyeshadow and pink lipstick and carries a lady's red handbag with a gold strap and front clasp. Courtney typically wears a white pleated tennis inspired sundress with gold strappy sandals.

When she was pretending to date Todd and Todd-style was in fashion she wore a red zip-down hoodie with front pockets and a yellow beanie over her normal everyday attire.


Courtney is an overly privileged celebrity who is very detached from reality. An example of this is she has trouser maidens to help her button her jeans to avoid wrinkles.


  • Her character appears to be a social commentary/parody on how overly rich people are out of touch with reality.

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