Character Actress, Margo Martindale makes a cameo appearance in several episodes of BoJack Horseman as a friend of BoJack Horseman's. Together with BoJack, she is often involved in illegal activities.


Margo first appears in Zoës and Zeldas, where she helps BoJack persuade Todd to purchase a video game that will distract him from writing his rock opera.

In Horse Majeure, BoJack convinces Margo to stage a bank robbery in order to steal Diane's engagement ring. He is hoping that this will delay their wedding plans, but the couple instead decides to get married even sooner. Margo is tackled and arrested by a SWAT team.

She serves time in the Hollywoo Hills Super-Max Prison. The parole board released her during "The Shot". They claimed she was an model inmate, as she only bit one inmate's finger off, only started two riots, and made delicious pruno.

Two minutes after being released from prison, BoJack picks her up in his car and she agrees to help him with a break-in. She, along with Todd, Princess Carolyn and Alan break into a gallery to distract the police, while BoJack, Kelsey Jannings and Mr. Peanutbutter break into the Richard Nixon Presidential Library nearby.

When the cops show up, claim to be fans, but fail to remember her name, Margo draws her gun and a shoot-out ensues. She is last seen taking multiple gunshots in the arms as the police surround her. However, in an episode of Season 3, we see through a flashback that Margo in fact survived the gun battle and fled.

She later returns in Stop The Presses where it is revealed she has taken up residence in BoJack's boat while on the lam from the police. Eventually, she decides to take the boat out to sea as the police close in on her location.

75 days after becoming seaborne, she crashes the boat into a cargo ship carrying imported pasta. She seemed to have survived the crash, but she ended up sinking underwater, along with the crew of the cargo ship. Her status currently remains unknown.


Margo Martindale is easily angered, violent, and arguably criminally insane. She is capable of committing crimes ranging from theft to murder with little to no remorse.


Memorable Quotes

  • "I do tire of the limitations of stage, film, and television."
  • "When I get there, I'm gonna find the meanest, hardest queen bitch of the yard, and I'm going to bite her finger off."
  • "I'm a wild card."


  • Margo Martindale starred in the real world film Secretariat released in 2010.[1]
    • Margo Martindale also appeared with Will Arnett (voice actor for BoJack Horseman) in the 2013 television series The Millers.




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