In this world you can either do things the easy way or the right way. You take a boat from here to New York. You gonna go round the horn like a gentleman, or cut through the Panama Canal like some kinda Democrat?

—Butterscotch Horseman, BoJack Hates the Troops

Butterscotch Horseman is the neglectful, verbally abusive father of BoJack Horseman, and the estranged husband of Beatrice Horseman. He is a recurring character (through flashback) throughout the first season of BoJack Horseman.


Butterscotch, who hailed from a working-class background, was a failed novelist and alcoholic, resented his wife's financial independence and took out his insecurities on BoJack. His wife in return was not impressed with how little he could provide for her, and they both resented the fact they had to give up their former lives for a baby. In flashbacks, Butterscotch is often seen yelling nonsensical conservative hyperbole such as claiming that the Panama Canal is for "Democrats" and that imaginary friends are "freeloaders invented by Communists to rip off welfare".


Butterscotch is a grey horse with a black mane, with a straight white streak covering the entire top of his snout, and a pink spot on his nose. In flashbacks he is seen wearing a black suit with a white collared shirt and a white and dark grey striped tie. In some photos his suit appears to be dark green. According to model sheets he is about the same height as BoJack.


From what has been shown from Butterscotch Horseman, he is an alcoholic, run down mess who commonly abuses his son (BoJack) many times as a "punishment" for ruining his life, presumably because he might not have been ready to father a child and has now been forced into this road by his actions.


  • Will Arnet voices both Butterscotch and BoJack Horseman
  • He used to make BoJack cry with him while listening to Cole Porter records.
    Butterscotch Horseman model sheet

    Butterscotch Horseman model sheet

  • He made BoJack build his own treehouse and tore it down while BoJack was away at summer camp because instead of "Christian Nails", BoJack used screws, which Butterscotch referred to as "Fancy Jew nails".
  • It was shown in the flashbacks that Butterscotch is extremely patriotic, as he has a strong dislike of democrats and communists.
  • In "BoJack Hates The Troops", it was shown that he had an affair with his secretary and wanted to marry her.
  • He apparently has heart problems since he has to take heart medication.
  • It's unknown if he is still alive or if he's dead, since he hasn't appeared in any episodes set in the present day.

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