Bradley Hitler-Smith is a former child actor who starred as Ethan on Horsin' Around and a recurring character in BoJack Horseman.


In 1987, Bradley landed a starring role as Ethan, an orphan boy who is adopted by a horse, on Horsin' Around. He tells BoJack that his mother Nora and his father separated because of BoJack. He believes it is because BoJack had an affair with his mother but BoJack cannot remember. The show was on the air for nine seasons. Bradley left California soon after the show ended and now owns the largest hardware store in Olympia, Washington. Following the show's cancellation, he did not keep in touch with any of his other castmates.


Bradley is always shown to be very awkward and not many people around him cared about him much, though Herb was still friendly to him during production. In the show, Horsin' Around, his character, Ethan, is very nerdy. The audience doesn't appear to enjoy him being on the show.


  • Horsin' Around
  • Ethan Around


BoJack Horseman: Former Co-star/Later Friend

Herb Kazzaz: Friend

Memorable Quotes

"Yowza yowza bo-bowza!"


  • At some point during Horsin' Around's run, BoJack slept with Bradley's mother. Bradley's parents got a divorce as a result of this.


Notes and references

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