"Best Thing That Ever Happened" is the ninth episode of Season 3 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. Season 3 premiered on July 22, 2016.


BoJack meets Princess Carolyn at Elefante, leading to a night of soul-searching as they help the staff impress a food critic.



Princess Carolyn is on the phone with BoJack Horseman. He asks her to come over because his show has gotten terrible ratings. Princess Carolyn arrives at his house and finds it a mess.

Bojack convinces himself that it isn't him thats the problem but everyone else. He compliments Princess Carolyn on her hair curl and kisses her.

Princess Carolyn says they can't but Bojack convinces her and they have sex. She sits in the bed beside him and asks him to please not break her heart.

Bojack tells her to be quiet because not everybody is interested in her wistfulness.


Bojack is at a restaurant waiting for Princess Carolyn. Bojack tells her that she's fired. Unfortunately, the waiter thinks that he's talking to him. So the waiter makes a huge scene before walking out. Princess Carolyn tries to convince him to stay but after a while gets up and leaves the restaurant.

She follows him outside and asks him who gave him the idea to do this. She asks if it was Ana Spanakopita but he tells her that she had nothing to do with it. Bojack tells her that she screwed up but Princess Carolyn points out that it was once in twenty-three years.

She goes on to rant about nobody wanted to work with him and how everyone told her to leave him. Princess Carolyn admits that Bojack is right and thanks him for firing her. She heads back into the restaurant but Bojack follows her back inside.

Bojack is pulled aside by a waiter who shows him an empty kitchen. The waiter tells Bojack that everyone else quit and that he doesn't know what to do. Bojack tells him to do what they normally do and that he's the chef now.

When he exits the kitchen, Bojack finds Princess Carolyn behind the bar. He tells her that this wasn't an easy decision and that he talked about it with Ana because he values her opinion. This upsets Princess Carolyn. She tackles Bojack and they start having a physical fight around the restaurant. Bojack tells her that what she's doing is unprofessional and that he wants to talk about professionalism with her...just not in the middle of the restaurant.

They move their conversation to the meat locker. Princess Carolyn points out that Bojack just wants a Mommy, someone he can have sex with and take care of him. Bojack says that he doesn't want to be around her because she makes him feel like a terrible person.

Princess Carolyn tells him that she can say nice things. Meanwhile, the waiter is trying to figure out how to use the kitchen. A customer comes in to see what's going on and the waiter recruits her to be a waitress. Bojack says that he's doing this for the both of them. Princess Carolyn asks if he ever loved her. Bojack tells her that he doesn't do the love thing.

Suddenly, the waiter opens the meat locker door and reveals that the kitchen is on fire--he's on fire! They manage to put the fire out. Everyone's left except for the food critic who is still expecting her risotto. Princess Carolyn leaves since she has no more reason to help Bojack but ends up turning right back around. She makes the risotto and while cooking she tells Bojack about how the agency isn't doing well. Bojack tells her that she'll figure it out. Bojack also tells her that he does love her or as much as he can love someone.

They serve the customer but she tells them that she's going to give them a bad rating because she had to wait two hours for her food. Bojack and Princess Carolyn share a drink after having kicked the food critic out. Princess Carolyn asks Bojack if they're friends. He says yes. She then asks him to give her six months to fix everything and that, if at the end, he still wants to leave he can. He says no.

Intro Differences

  • Todd's employees at "Cabracadabra" have all been replaced with orca women.