Artie Nguyen is one of the verbally abusive brothers of Diane Nguyen, Tommy, Gary, and Marty. He is also one of the sons of Ma Nguyen and Pa Nguyen.


Artie Nguyen is a middle-aged Vietnamese man and the main ringleader of abuse towards his sister Diane Nguyen and is usually the one who tries to gang the rest of the brothers up against her and orchestrated various cruel pranks against her.

He, like the rest of his brothers, is very fond of his Ma because she enables their alcoholism. He is quite overweight.

He is excited to meet BoJack due to his love of Hollywoo celebrities such as movie and television stars and tries to get close to him as much as possible.

He insists the family is American because they have assimilated into American culture despite being Vietnamese and the fact they have adopted concepts found in American culture such as football and dysfunctional families.

The fact they have to be reminded they were not born in America is quite telling. He even insists that the family can not find a good source of income "because all good jobs are going to the immigrants"-obvious hypocrisy coming from a family of Vietnamese immigrants.


  • He is fascinated by celebrities and is therefore excited to meet BoJack Horseman.
  • He is the main ringleader of abuse against his sister Diane.