Ana Spanakopita is BoJack's efficient, but ruthless publicist in Season 3 of BoJack Horseman.


Ana, an accomplished Hollywood publicist starts representing BoJack after the success of Secretariat. She leaves no stone unturned to try and get BoJack an Academy Award nomination for his role in the movie. Ana is shown to have a stellar record, with most of her clients going on to win Oscars. She and BoJack start an affair, which leads to an unsuccessful relationship. While Ana seems like a merciless perfectionist and tries to maintain a facade of mystery, she is seen in 'Stop The Presses' living a 'normal' life. As a child she had a near drowning experience that greatly shaped who she would become as an adult, refusing to allow anyone in her life whom she believes will lead her to failure or to "sink."


Ana usually wears a diagonal checkered black, gray and white tank along with a black belt, a high waisted, mid-calf lime-green colored skirt and dark purple high heels with laces tied around the ankle. She has dark olive skin and shoulder-length brown hair with caramel colored high lights and two thin braids tied along the front, and wears magenta-colored lipstick and gray eyeshadow.


Ana is a ruthless publicist, willing to forego most things to win her clients Oscars. For example, when BoJack accidentally leaked the truth about Secretariat (film) to Heather, Ana dealt with the situation, stopping Heather from publishing a story. Heather's whereabouts are unknown and she has never been seen since her encounter with BoJack, however later in It's You (S3E10) she is seen coming off the phone from speaking to Heather about what Bojack Horseman was doing during the Oscar announcements. Ana is also very forward, bold, and blunt, as shown when, after dropping all her clients besides BoJack, she gives BoJack a handjob and then tightly squeezes his penis, causing him to cry out in pain, before warning him never to betray her again. She's aroused by BoJack being in charge, implying she is some sort of masochist.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Do you like that? Being in control? Being the star? You’re my star, BoJack. My shining star. But don’t you ever try to screw me again, do you understand?"


  • Spanakopita translates to spinach pie in Greek.
  • It is possible she is of Greek-Jewish heritage.
  • She's divorced, and has a son that she is not legally allowed to see.
  • She is known as The Oscar Whisperer.
  • She loves honeydew, which is repulsive to BoJack Horseman.
  • Despite having a major role in Season 3, she is absent from Season 4, not even being mentioned.
  • She appears to be a bit of a sexual deviant, since she was aroused by BoJack being in charge.